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About Heath Park Lodge in Essex

A School of Improvement, started at a photographers studio in Victoria Road, Romford, later developed into a Lodge of Instruction under the auspices of the Royal Victorian Jubilee Lodge No 2. As it grew, it was recognised that there was a need for a new Lodge in Romford and in October 1925 those members who were in favour agreed to approach Provincial Grand Lodge.

The Heath Park Lodge No 5058 was consecrated at the Masonic Hall, Hornchurch on 1st October  1928 by Lord Lambourne. The menu of the dinner which followed comprised eight courses and an attractive programme of entertainment

The Lodge has a most attractive emblem; a country crossroad, with signpost and deer, emblematical of the original crossroad at Heath Park "Drill" crossing. The design, however, has a quite mundane source; it was found in a catalogue, deemd appropriate and adopted.

A Lodge of Instruction was established in 1929 with all the necessary equipment provided by the members.

The Lodge Banner, the gift of one of the brethren, was predented on his behalf by the Provincial Grand Master at the Hornchuch Masonic Hall in February 1932 and dedicated by the Provincial Grand Cahplain.

When, in those early days, the Lodge desired to qualify as a Hall Stone Lodge, a few members found it rather difficult to raise the sum required. Most of them were Founders who had already dipped deeply into their modest purses to establish and equip the Lodge. One Brother advanced the hundred guineas required to qualify but only a short time elapsed before he had been reimbursed.

In 1936, Heath Park Lodge moved to the new, spacious Lord Lambourne Masonic Hall, Romford. However, at the outbreak of war, the Hall was requisitioned by the Air Ministry for use as tactical headquarters for Hornchurch Aerodrome, a vital fighter station which played a great part in the Battle of Britain.

In common with a number of other Lodges, Heath Park found itself homeless but the directors of Hornchurch Masonic Hall came to the rescue with an offer of accommodation. For a short time it was possibleto continue to hold meetings as usual but the introduction of rationing soon rendered the serving of meals a matter of grave difficulty and this had to be abandoned. Members attended the meetings and then dispersed after tea and biscuits.

For one period it was not possible even to hold full meetings, the intensity of aerial bombardment to which the area was subjected rendered it foolhardy to do so; but the meeting arranged at Chingford for 22nd July 1944 was the only one which had to be cancelled.

With the resumption of meetings at Hornchurch, unofficial dinners were held, as the Hall was also being used as a British Restaurant. The first dinners were held at the Cricketers Inn and later at the Tower Cinema Cafe. However, for a long time the Lodge was officially non-dining.

A unique event occurred during the war when Mr Clifford Byron Evans, of Arkansas, USA, was serving with the Amaerican forces in Britain. Prior to embarkation from his homeland he had been approved for initiation by the Eldarado Lodge No 13, Arkansas, but in the meantime he had been transferred to Engalnd for war duty. The Eldarado Lodge requested the Heath Park  Lodge to act on its behalf by initiating Mr Evans who, incidetally, was a nephew of one member and a cousin of another.

Mr Evans was duly initiated at the Hornchurch Masonic Hall on 29th July 1943, Passed on October 23rd of that year and Raised on 22nd January 1944. He was presented with an apron of the Grand Lodge of England, to the back of which was appended a silver plate recording the fact that he had been initiated in England on behalf  of an American Lodge. Bro Evans was greatly touched by the reception which had been given to him and declared that, though now entitled to wear an apron of the American Constitution, he would proudly wear the apron with which he had been invested by the Heath Park Lodge.

In acknowledgment of his initiation Bro Evans, on his return to Amarica, forwarded as a gift to the Lodge a gavel inscribed by the Worshipful Master and Wardens of the Eldarado Lodge.

In October 1946 the Lodge transferred to St Michael's Hall, Gidea Park, as did several Lodges in 1949. The White Hart Hotel, Romford, having been repaired and renovated after much damage during the war, was again avaialble for Masonic purposes and it was here that the Lodge's 21st birthday was celebrated.

In 1965 the venue was changed to the Upminster Masonic Hall, where it continues to meet to the present day.

The Lodge sponsored a Daughter Lodge - the Lodge of Good Endeavour No 6858 - which was consecrated at Chingford on Wednesday 21st September 1949.

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